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We are proud of our role in the education community, and are passionate about helping students achieve their dreams and aspirations

To be the global leader in providing academic pathways that create superior career outcomes for students
Real Life Group of Education has been recognized as a Learning Centre of the All University of India. The Centre will be conducting education programmers of AUI in BCA, BBA, MCA, Engineering, Architecture/Design, Medical, Languages, Management, IT, Fashion Technology, Fine Arts, and MBA. It will also be conducting some of the short-term specialized training courses.
       This initiative is being launched with the objective of developing an institutional framework that would enable students to go in for bachelors or master degrees in computer application and business administration. The programmer would also cater to the requirements of those who are already in employment and would like to continue their studies. Offering short-term specialized training through evening classes would be another facility.The teaching program at the Institute will be supplemented with suitably structured interaction with industry and other professional organizations. The Institute would also assist the students, who are passing out, in their job-placement exercise.
In the next decade, it is estimated that seven million students will be studying outside their country of birth. Real Life Group of Education, working with partner institutions and our own colleges, is here to help them realise their dreams.
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